Mount Ararat

Turkey, Iran and Armenia, is an extinct volcano located at the intersection of the boundaries. A dark-colored hard lava and volcanic mountain mass has occurred.
Increased as a result of a lava eruption center is located on the Alpine-Himalayan belt of volcanic. Large alluvial plain of the Aras River in the northern and eastern slopes of the southwest slopes of the plain rises to a height of 1500 meters from the sea. Low in the west of the passage, separates the eastern end of the Taurus mountain of pain. 11.2 miles away from each other, there are two peak of the mountain. 5165 meters is the highest mountain in Turkey. Income limits vary according to the season shows also constantly covered with snow above 4000 meters. It covers an area of 10 kilometers near the summit where is located the biggest glacier.
Mount Ararat, the remainder of 1500-3500 m wide covered with pastures and ardıçlarla. Ağaçsızdır a large part. Very poor in terms of water supply. Although it is a lot of precipitation cracks and audezitik structure draws water immediately. On hot summer days, the slopes of the mountain becomes a desert.

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